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Are you tired of being sick and tired?
Are you tired of being sick and tired?
Do you have fatigiue, brain fog, insomnia, or weight gain?
Do you have fatigiue, brain fog, insomnia, or weight gain?
Confused about what is working and what is not?
Confused about what is working and what is not?
Are you feeling stuck?
Are you feeling stuck?
Its time to transform your health!
Its time to transform your health!

Are my hormones off?     Are the majority of my problems gut-related?  Do I have a nutritional deficiency? Is it Lyme disease?     Could it be Mold?     Do I have parasites?  Are heavy metals and toxic chemicals an issue?    Could it be my thyroid?  Do I have adrenal problems?  Is it Epstein-Barr virus?  I have MTHFR. Is that a major issue? Are my emotions to blame? Do I have any dental issues that are making me sick? Are there any structural issues?

If you are suffering from a chronic health challenge, you could easily spend a great deal of time and resources exploring each one of these questions. Unfortunately, standard lab work and diagnostics often appear to be normal and therefore reveal very little about the root causes of chronic illness. Functional lab testing can be helpful, however, it often only provides a piece of the puzzle and it is very difficult to prioritize what is needed.  We can help you quickly and cost-effectively get to the root cause so that you can make progress along your healing journey. Reach out to us to discover new and innovative ways on how we can help you to get unstuck!


When toxins, infections, allergies, and other stressors are present in the body, it's natural biorhythms are often disrupted. The result is often fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, weight gain, etc. However, when the body is brought back into balance, it has the resources it needs to restore itself back to health.

The practice of Biological Medicine, borrowing from modern-day physics and ancient Eastern healing techniques,  allows the body and mind to be addressed in a unique way. Instead of addressing pathology through biochemistry, the focus becomes balancing the interconnected energy system of the body through biophysics. This paradigm shift provides extraordinary tools to improve one's health and well-being.  We utilize the most advanced, cutting-edge tools to assess the root cause of your health challenges and to help you reach your full potential.


With over 40 years combined experience in conventional and alternative medicine, we have had the opportunity to understand some of the challenges and opportunities of those struggling with chronic illness. Often patients have difficulty navigating the medical system.

They are often referred to various specialties by their Primary Care Physician, where the focus is treating the symptom, not the cause. Often, patients will seek out alternative approaches when dealing with chronic illness.  While alternative medicine may seem like a welcome relief from the conventional approach, patients may encounter long wait-lists, expensive office visits, and lab tests, as well as extensive protocols/treatments.  This can cause financial hardship as they search for solutions to their health challenges.

Water Basics, Molecular Hydrogen, and Browns Gas--Novel Solutions to Reduce Inflammation

Molecular hydrogen has the unique ability to support mitochondria, brain health, gut health, and much more...

But first, some activated hydrogen water basics:

  • If you are drinking plain filtered water, you may be robbing yourself of precious electrons–which decreases your ability to offset inflammation and everything that goes along with it, including your energy and vitality. Not good! To figure out if this is happening, you need to understand where your water is from an antioxidant perspective. To do this, you can always bring me your water to test, but another way is to purchase an ORP meter and check it for yourself (the cost is about $26). What you want is a negative ORP, which means that you are receiving the precious electrons that function to reduce inflammation and provide the pure cellular fuel for all vital functions of the body. 
  • The best and quickest way to reduce the ORP of your water is by using a portable molecular hydrogen water generator (search for 'echogo'), which transforms filtered water into pure fuel for all of your trillions of cells. In just 10 minutes, you can generate 8 oz of mitochondrial might! 
  • As you age, the body's inflammatory response goes into overdrive...and it continues to worsen, especially if you are already dealing with a chronic condition. Inflammation and oxidative stress are the root cause of all chronic diseases (see my webinar below).  So, why not do something about it by drinking activated hydrogen water?
  • Also to note, when you come to the clinic and get treatments, what we trying to do is reduce the stress from various toxins and infections that you may be dealing with. But what happens when you go out into the real world? You are often re-exposed to these things! To reduce their ongoing impact as well as the inflammation the wreaks havoc on your systems, drinking activated hydrogen water can help...
  • By doing so,  you will able to stay in a 'steady state', where the benefits of our treatments last longer.

I've tried multiple hydrogen water systems of all cost ranges and committed hundreds of hours in research on the topic. The system I stand behind for everyday use is the EchoGo Water System for its ease of use, concentration of hydrogenation and super price point. It's a great way to have great-tasting hydrogen water that you can make in real-time throughout the day to get all the benefits of active hydrogen:

⦁    Reduction of toxic free radicals 
⦁    Reduction of oxidative stress and inflammation  
⦁    Regulation will of over 200 biomolecules in the body
⦁    Increase in cognitive function
⦁    Aids in gut health
⦁    Proven to help with many chronic diseases

For more info on the benefits of drinking hydrogen water, check out our article here.

If you are dealing with a chronic condition, you are likely dealing with chronic inflammation. Breathing an advanced form of molecular hydrogen called Browns Gas is an eloquent way to get to the root cause and stop the vicious cycle of inflammation. Or, if you are looking to learn more about how this approach can support advanced anti-aging and boost bodily performance, you can check out my webinar below:

Are you currently struggling with gut-related issues?
Have you slacked on supporting your gut health with the right supplements?

Have you tried everything for gut health and are still frustrated?

Even if you do not have any gut health symptoms, I address how it could still be a hidden cause of inflammation.

In this webinar, you will discover:

  • How we are bombarded by toxins and infections on a daily basis and how protection our gut lining, which is only one cell thick, is now more critical than ever.
  • Leaky gut, how it affects us and how increasing microbial diversity can help resolve it.
  • How to improve your gut health with specialized spore-forming probiotics, prebiotics, and postbiotics .
  • Short-Chain Fatty Acids (SCFAs) as a key component to supporting gut health.
  • How to bind antigens and toxins, including Lipopolysaccharide (LPS), and reduce damage from metabolic endotoxemia.
  • The latest in testing the microbiome.
  • How drinking activated hydrogen water can aid in reducing gut inflammation and aid in healing.
  • How peptides may play a key role in gut healing.
  • And much, much more...

Hormonal health is critical for youthful aging, immune function, athletic performance, proper sleep, and much more. Unfortunately, our hormone function is being adversely affected by the increasing levels of toxic chemicals in our environment. See my recent interview with Natural Awakenings Magazine for ways to fight back and regain youthful hormonal function!

Martin Van Lear, MSN, ABAAHP, FNP-C
Martin Van Lear, MSN, ABAAHP, FNP-C
  • Board Certified in Family Medicine
  • Certified by the American Board of Anti Aging and Regenerative Medicine (A4M)
  • Certified in Autonomic Response Technique (ART)-Dr. Klinghardt, Ph.D. MD
  • Certified in Mitochondrial Wellness
  • Certified Mold Literate Practitioner
  • Lyme Literate Practitioner
    Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS) is a group of inherited connective tissue disorders characterized by joint hypermobility, skin hyperextensibility, and
Hydrogen is #1 on the periodic table because it is the smallest element on Earth - but do not mistake
        Red light therapy (RLT) is a type of photomedicine, a wellness approach that utilizes light of
One common denominator that we have seen across the current epidemic of chronic illness is toxicity. There are approximately 86,000
What if there was a therapy that could greatly improve, if not resolve, the symptoms of multiple chemical sensitivity, Lyme
Binders are substances that serve to bind up various toxins, typically as they pass through the digestive system, and are


Dr. Martin, help me manage supplements, hormones and weight loss! Some things that are overwhelming, he makes very easy to understand and manage.

Rebecca O.

After 10 years of unknown mold illness and countless unsuccessful Dr appointments, Dr Martin was finally able to diagnose what I had. Since I met him, I moved to a different house and I’m slowly detoxing and healing from many chronic illnesses. I’m very grateful to have met him.

Maira R.

A huge relief presented itself when I called The Tree of Light Health and was able to speak to Martin directly. It was a sign that I was in the right path to health. Martin immediately asked me what my concerns were and he quickly knew how to proceed. I’ve been having digestion issues, burping, bloating, and skin rashes. My medical experience with numerous tests and procedures left me without relief, and the symptoms persisted. I found The Tree of Light Health on the web, and read each and every review. I was totally convinced that this was the right path to take.
I began my journey with Martin about 6 weeks ago. So far I have improved my digestion, the bloating has disappeared, I have lost weight and I am feeling great. Martin has been available and always answers my questions along with encouraging me fully. I recommend The Tree of Light Health practice to anyone in need of improving their health.

Teresa C.

My experience with Martin Van Lear at Tree of Light Health has been life changing and I wish I would have started seeing him earlier. He helped with SEBIO, adrenal fatigue, mineral deficiencies, parasites, and energy levels. The results have left a tremendously positive impact on my life. I highly recommend Martin – he is professional, knowledgeable, experienced, compassionate, and easy to work with for accomplishing specific health goals.


Katie B (Chronic GI issues, Fatigue, etc.)

I had been suffering from digestive issues for years, and they were slowly getting worse. I finally decided to address the situation and found Martin. I felt better immediately from the first visit. My guts felt calm for the first time in years. I didn’t realize how much upset and agitation I had become accustomed to until it went away. Martin suspected SIBO /IBS to be the primary cause of the bloating and diarrhea. In addition to the treatments I received in his office he recommended the GAPS diet. Using food to heal is something I strongly believe in, and this experience supports my conviction. With Martin’s guidance I read a lot about how and why the GAPS diet could work to heal my leaky gut, and in the research learned about the mental health benefits. That was not an aspect I was looking for, but within a few weeks of using the GAPS protocol my emotional health improved hugely. I felt lighthearted for the first time in years, like I was finally able to put down a weight I’d been carrying. Again, I had become so used to feeling bad I thought I would be this way for the rest of my life. I am so relieved to find a practitioner like Martin Van Lear. He is skilled, knowledgeable, kind, generous, and brave. I would recommend Martin to anyone who believes in the inherent capacity of the body to self heal. He removes the obstacles to healing and supports the whole patient on the journey.

Judy P. (Chronic SIBO/IBS/Food Allergies)

I was glad to discover Dr. Van Lear’s practice when I did. He is a kind and experienced doctor. I think he’s done a great job in pinpointing what my main issues are and so I’m no longer on a healthcare merry-go-round. I finally have answers/relief. I’ve seen much progress with my health in the short time I’ve been in his care which I can’t express enough gratitude for. I’m on the road to recovery and feel like I’m on the right track with his help.

Lee G., Atlanta, GA (Chronic Gut Issues)

I can’t explain exactly how it all happened but he can! My three young children had strep so often in the past few years, it was awful. Constantly out of school and on antibiotics, it dominated our life. I was terrified of PANDAS and ruining their systems with antibiotics. Just as we were about to get one of my daughters’ tonsils out, we started with Martin on a rec from a friend whose daughter had chronic strep for years but was now totally clear for months. Sure enough, we haven’t had any strep for 14 mos since day one with Martin. It is unconventional medicine but the proof is in the absence of strep tests, pukey kids, missed days from school and work. My pediatrician and I just shrug our shoulders at each other when we talk about it – again, I don’t get it why it’s all worked so well but it has! Martin is very easy and fun to work with. We are all grateful to have found him!

Bo B. ATlanta, GA (Chroinc Strep/PANDAS)

I have been struggling with SIBO, leaky gut, and other issues for over 3 years now. I am a young mom and my health kept deteriorating every year. I saw multiple providers and they never fully listened to me and many just thought they knew what was wrong and proceeded with out actually investigating. It made me research things myself. I am so thankful I found Martin he is very passionate about helping people and is willing to listen and investigate. I also have alpha gal syndrome which makes me allergic to all mammal meat and byproducts. He is the first person that is willing to work around this difficult obstacle in my healing process. It’s a process but for the first time I have hope that my health will be restored. Martin is a God send!!

Nina S., TN (Chronic SIBO, Leaky Gut)

I have been working with Martin for several months to help with autoimmune issues and low energy. My sleep was the first thing to improve, then my gut health improved and my digestion improved. I am 66 years old and have been struggling with these issues for most of my life. Today, I hiked 5 miles without getting tired and my husband couldn’t believe my increase in energy and stamina! I can’t tell you how great it is to have the energy and motivation to do the things I want to do. Martin is a true healer! He tries everything and doesn’t stop till he gets answers and healing! His compassion and determination are unmatched! I’ve been on this journey for 8 years with slow improvement but it wasn’t till I worked with Martin that I got true healing! Thank you, Martin!

Gail B., Atlanta, GA-Chronic Fatigue/Autoimmunity

I am a 66-year-old male with Parkinson’s. I was diagnosed three years ago. I’ve bounced around from neurologist to neurologist because basically all they want to do is treat symptoms, and ease me into Parkinson’s. In other words, traditional medicine has failed me.
I know that the label ‘Parkinson’s’ is an umbrella term for a multitude of conditions. In other words, there is no ‘one size fits all’ cure.
That is where Martin comes in. He has literally been a godsend. Martin has a wide range of modalities and protocols at his disposal. His intellect, depth of knowledge, and desire to help, make him indispensable. If you have Parkinson’s, you need to be under Martin‘s treatment and care.

Mike B. (Parkionson's) Atlanta, GA

I have been seeing Martin for several months now. I had a girlfriend who had Lyme and other sensitivities who recommended Martin. She has always spoken very highly about him. I knew her for many years and watched her go through a lot of health issues. Martin brought her healing (when no one else did)and she’s been thriving ever since. So naturally, when I started having health issues and ALL other doctors failed in helping me heal for years before, I reached out to him. He’s discovered the root of my illnesses, which are CIRS (from biotoxin/mold illness), Lyme, coinfections and stealth infections. We are working on everything. I finally feel like I have someone who cares about my well-being and helping me regain my life back! He is extremely knowledgeable and well-versed in Western medicine as well as functional, integrative and ART. He’s compassionate, kind and he listens when I speak. He’s always working on my behalf. He’s very good with patient communication and sharing info/knowledge with me too. I am finally on a healing path and I know it will be his guidance that will ultimately heal my mind and body! I highly recommend him!

Amanda M. (Mold and Lyme Illness), Lawerenceville, GA

Martin has literally changed my family’s life! We exhausted western medicine solutions to a chronic strep issue and only found health through Martin’s treatment and advice. I cannot say enough good things about him or his practice!

Emily S., Atlanta, GA

Martin has changed my life – both physically and mentally. He is so gentle and kind and able to really go deep into the root cause of any issues I am experiencing (physically/mentality). He spends so much time working with me to really dig deep on all levels. He is a blessing in my life – and would never be comfortable without having him as my primary practitioner and a resource to consult with and share my deepest core issues. His main passion is to help people and it comes through in every aspect of his actions, words, and protocols.

Cynthia V., Atlanta, GA. (Chronic Health Issues)

Currently experiencing some relief from chronic Lyme Disease, Autoimmune and sleep issues with the help of ART and biomagnetic pair therapy. Looking forward to continuing this progression!

Amy B., Atlanta, GA (Chronic Lyme, Autoimmune and Sleep Disturbance)

I’ve been working with Martin for about a year and I have my life back now that we’ve gotten my thyroid supplements dialed in! Feeling amazing!

Monica R.., Altanta, GA (Thyroid)

Martin has really helped me on my journey so far. I was restricted to 9 foods due to food intolerances. I was having multiple issues including toxicity being one of them and muscle testing really helped select the right supplements for me. As I’m Intolerant to most supplements I was told to start on a low dose and gradually increase. Now I’m able to add back more foods in my diet. Out of the supplements that worked for me 2 of them really helped my toxicity and intestinal permeability issues. I got the perfect digestive enzyme which my body could tolerate. I’m really happy and hopeful as my symptoms are so much more better. Allopathy alone couldn’t ever fix some issues for me and infact overuse of antibiotics caused my gut dysbiosis. I also randomly tried many supplements available on certain websites before I met Martin, but they didn’t really help. The Gene test was an eye opener. Martin was able to understand my root issue and I’m feeling so much more better. He is also connected to other awesome holistic specialist practitioners and did refer me once for a certain procedure. I feel I’ve come a long way after just 3 visits with Martin. He is also knowledgeable about allopathy and can prescribe tests/meds when necessary. He is like a general physician as well as a naturopath for me. He is very patient and understanding as a person and I highly recommend him. I’m impressed by his holistic knowledge of chronic diseases and their underlying reason. His clinic is well equipped and clean.

Josepeh S., Atlanta, GA (Food sensitivities and Dysbiosis)

Martin Van Lear saved my life. Before meeting Martin, I had lived with chronic severe pain and fatigue for over 25 years. I had seen countless specialists who would run tests, tell me I was fine, and then suggest it was all in my head. Not a single person could identify what was wrong with me. I suffered daily with so many varying and seemingly unrelated symptoms that I got to the point that if this is what living was going to be like, I didn’t want to live anymore.

In 2017, during the worst and most painful episode in my life, I could no longer get out of bed, and as a result, I lost my job. My chiropractor and dear friend, Marion Maloof, suggested I see Martin. During a call where I outlined my symptoms, he listened intently, asked some questions, and said to me, “I think it might be Lyme Disease. Come in and let’s find out.” After a series of tests, it was determined that I did in fact have chronic complex Lyme, but also ccEBV, Bartonella, my adrenals were shot, my body wasn’t absorbing any nutrients, and I had a battery of other issues. I sat there and cried, not from the results, but that he named it, that i was not crazy, that this was real, and that he could help – it was the first time I had ever felt heard by a medical professional about my lived reality of disabling, chronic illness. My life changed forever that day.

Over the course of the following year, I began a series of protocols, listening to his advise, taking his direction, and adjusting routine by changing my diet and adding in other healing modalities, and slowly slowly I began to heal. I still see Martin from time to time when I have flare ups, but my symptoms are mostly kept at bay in his care, and I have a quality of life and health that I never imagined possible.

Martin cares deeply about the emotional, mental, and physical health of his patients. He listens and does everything he can to help find answers and solve the causal effects of chronic illness. He has my trust and respect and I will forever be grateful to him for giving me my life back.

Thank you, Martin. You are an angel on this Earth. Truly.

Vanessa C. Atlanta, GA (Chronic Lyme)

Finding Martin was literally an answer to prayer. I have struggled with significant digestive issues for 20 years and he was able to help me get to a diagnosis of SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth). Martin is extra caring and intuitive and thankfully persistent! He is constantly learning from the most cutting edge experts and studies to help resolve my issues. After being so ill that I could barely function in daily life, I am finally improving!! I am on a journey to healing now, rather than just living with labels of celiac or food intolerances without a plan for how to get better. Martin helps the body do what it is so good at – healing!

Holly S., (Chronic SIBO) Kentucky

When I came to Martin, I was incredibly sick. I’d been to numerous doctors, specialists, etc and no one could figure out what was wrong with me. After an hour in Martin’s chair and many questions later he turns to me and says “I think you have mold illness, and mold allergies, and I think your house is making you really sick.” Hearing this news put everything into perspective, it was like watching the puzzle pieces fit together in my story of being chronically ill for the last 3 years. Since moving out of my house 3 weeks ago and starting to take supplements under Martin’s care, I am slowly but surely starting to feel better. I feel like I’m gaining my life back! I’m incredibly grateful to Martin for being a kind, thoughtful, empathetic person who has really listened to me and taken me seriously. He has been the sole reason as to why I’ve been able to feel better and I can’t express my gratitude enough. I would highly suggest seeing Martin if you need answers and can’t seem to find them. He has helped me so much!

Abigal C., Charleston, SC (Mold Illness)

Dr. Martin really cares about leading his patients to vibrant health! He is making a difference and is so kind and understanding. We highly recommend Tree of Light Health in the Atlanta area!

Stanley S., Atlanta, GA (Thyroid)

I’m thankful I found Martin! I’ve been to a number of holistic health practitioners for years. Spent a ton of money but honestly couldn’t get to that optimal health. It didn’t take that long for Martin to target the exact areas for me. He didn’t take the approach of well let’s just try this for a while and see how you do. His understanding of the synergistic working of my body, physically & cellular level is beyond my comprehension. I just needed someone who could tell me rather than me doing all the work. I come every 8 weeks for now & I find so much improvement I get quite excited. So if you honestly need your health to go forward with leaps & bounds then go visit Martin & trust the process.
His communication is also amazing by sending emails of exactly what was discussed & accomplished & listing any supplements needed. You don’t have to remind him of any discussion from the previous visits. He reminds me! Who does that? No one I’ve ever been to!
I’m so grateful for him!

Donna N., Atlanta, GA (Heath Optimization)

Truly I cannot say enough wonderful things about the Tree of Light Health Center. Martin has completely transformed my whole life. I finally have energy again, I sleep so much better, I have started exercising again, my diet is full of gut-healthy nutrients, and we have been working on my thyroid/adrenals which has tremendously transfigured my day to day life! Martin treats every single one of his patients with such wonderful care, and makes sure to always keep in touch with the progress of your improvement. Not only that, but he also provides constant uplifting messages to provide hope for healing just when you are starting to think there is none. I sincerely wish everyone would go to the Tree of Light to alter their life on every level… holistically, functionally, and energetically. I have learned so much about my body and my health since finding Martin and I simply cannot express my sincerest gratitude for his help and care!

Danielle B., Atlanta, GA (Thyroid/Chronic Fatigue)

I cannot state enough how grateful I am for meeting Mr. Van Lear at Tree of Light Health. My visit consisted of a very thorough exam that addressed my EMF Sensitivities. After having headaches for three months, with the correct direction, I am now headache free. I have appreciated our follow up communication just as much. I have never experienced such genuine concern for my wellbeing from a healthcare provider. I can go on an on about specifics, (I appreciate detail) but I will close by saying, he is a special individual that radiates a true desire to help others.

Jennifer Y., Atlanta, GA (Headaches and EMF Sensitiivity)

I’ve been blessed to work with many excellent health practitioners across the country, in my journey with being highly sensitive and having several different complex issues to address – including mold exposure. Martin is definitely one of the best I have worked with. He is incredibly intelligent, intuitive, generous, thoughtful, flexible and amazingly patient. He also has an incredible depth of knowledge and resources in both the Western medical field as well as alternative health fields that he draws from which is a must when dealing with very complicated cases such as mine. I would highly recommend him to everyone

Hillary D., Colorado (Multiple Chronic Conditiions)

Thank you Martin for all of your help!! This man is one of the kindest and hardest working individuals you will meet. He helped me to balance my vitamin and minerals deficiencies as well as clear my skin from acne. Martin also helped me with my emotional well-being by helping me to release emotions that were blocking me and keeping me stuck in the past. If you are looking for a provider that won’t stop until he has solved your problem then you are looking in the right place.

Samantha O., Atlanta, GA

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