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Are my hormones off?     Are the majority of my problems gut-related?  Do I have a nutritional deficiency? Is it Lyme disease?     Could it be Mold?     Do I have parasites?  Are heavy metals and toxic chemicals an issue?    Could it be my thyroid?  Do I have adrenal problems?  Is it Epstein-Barr virus?  I have MTHFR. Is that a major issue? Are my emotions to blame? Do I have any dental issues that are making me sick? Are there any structural issues?

If you are suffering from a chronic health challenge, you could easily spend a great deal of time and resources exploring each one of these questions. Unfortunately, standard lab work and diagnostics often appear to be normal and therefore reveal very little about the root causes of chronic illness. Functional lab testing can be helpful, however, it often only provides a piece of the puzzle and it is very difficult to prioritize what is needed.  We can help you quickly and cost-effectively get to the root cause so that you can make progress along your healing journey. Reach out to us to discover new and innovative ways on how we can help you to get unstuck!


When toxins, infections, allergies, and other stressors are present in the body, it’s natural biorhythms are often disrupted. The result is often fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, weight gain, etc. However, when the body is brought back into balance, it has the resources it needs to restore itself back to health.

The practice of Biological Medicine, borrowing from modern-day physics and ancient Eastern healing techniques,  allows the body and mind to be addressed in a unique way. Instead of addressing pathology through biochemistry, the focus becomes balancing the interconnected energy system of the body through biophysics. This paradigm shift provides extraordinary tools to improve one’s health and well-being.  We utilize the most advanced, cutting-edge tools to assess the root cause of your health challenges and to help you reach your full potential.


With over 40 years combined experience in conventional and alternative medicine, we have had the opportunity to understand some of the challenges and opportunities of those struggling with chronic illness. Often patients have difficulty navigating the medical system.

They are often referred to various specialties by their Primary Care Physician, where the focus is treating the symptom, not the cause. Often, patients will seek out alternative approaches when dealing with chronic illness.  While alternative medicine may seem like a welcome relief from the conventional approach, patients may encounter long wait-lists, expensive office visits, and lab tests, as well as extensive protocols/treatments.  This can cause financial hardship as they search for solutions to their health challenges.

Unfortunately, when the sunshine comes, so does rain…and with that comes increased humidity. Together, this creates an increased susceptibility to mold and biotoxin illness.

The World Health Organization calls mold in biotoxin illness the ‘Great Masquerader’ of the 21st Century. This is because many chronic conditions we see today such as chronic fatigue, brain fog, memory issues chronic pain, autoimmune disease, etc., have all been correlated with mold and biotoxin illness-and it’s very difficult to diagnose.

93% of people who have chronic fatigue test positive for mycotoxins (the harmful toxin that mold produces). We are seeing it every single week, so it seemed like the ideal time to address it in a webinar. Click to watch below, where I discuss:

  • When to suspect you might have a mold and biotoxin problem
  • The difference between mold and mycotoxins
  • How Actinomycetes (a type of single cell bacteria commonly present in our environment) might be even more toxic than mold and mycotoxins
  • Why mold is making you so tired 
  • How mold is related to Lyme disease and the Epstein-Barr virus
  • A paradigm shift mold assessment
  • What Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS) is and how to assess for it
  • The latest updates in evaluating your home or office for mold and biotoxin illness
Martin Van Lear, MSN, ABAAHP, FNP-C

Martin Van Lear, MSN, ABAAHP, FNP-C

  • Board Certified in Family Medicine
  • Certified by the American Board of Anti Aging and Regenerative Medicine (A4M)
  • Certified in Autonomic Response Technique (ART)-Dr. Klinghardt, Ph.D. MD
  • Certified in Mitochondrial Wellness
  • Certified Mold Literate Practitioner
  • Lyme Literate Practitioner

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