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The Effect of Stress

It probably comes as no surprise that STRESS is at the root cause of almost every major chronic illness. Stress is a factor in almost 90% of all illnesses.

Often, when the body gets out of balance, it can be stuck in a constant stress state, otherwise known as sympathetic dominance or fight or flight mode. In this state, we eventually lose the ability to ADAPT  and RESPOND to ongoing or additional stressors,  which then leads to the many CHRONIC conditions we see today, such as fatigue, weight problems, anxiety, insomnia, pain, gut problems, etc.

This phenomenon is due to the long term stress hormone called Cortisol. While healthy cortisol levels are needed to overcome short term stressors, elevated cortisol levels over a long period of time can lead to many deleterious consequences. 

There are many forms of stress. The most obvious, or overt stress, can be due to physical trauma, relationship stress, financial stress, other hardship, etc.; but, more commonly, there are HIDDEN forms of stress. These stressors may represent cumulative stress from infections, toxins, nutrient or mineral deficiencies, electromagnetic emotional stressors, etc. These may represent potentially thousands of stressors that the body must silently process every day which functions to create fatigue, sleep disruptions, and many other symptoms.

The many stressors that could be affecting the body must be identified and reduced or eliminated, and doing so is not an easy task! 

In order to find the root cause of illness, we employ a combination of traditional medicine, integrative/functional medicine, and energy medicine techniques to assess for hundreds, if not thousands of potential functional disturbances in the body.

Functional disturbances, which are often elusive to conventional medicine,  are problems that are typically not detected by standard blood work and diagnostics. Simply put, symptoms persist despite negative diagnostics. Functional disturbances may have many potential causes, including heavy metals, environmental toxins, infections--bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, etc., various vitamin and mineral deficiencies, allergies, emotional problems, dental issues, EMF/Geopathic stressors, DNA stressors, and structural issues (e.g. dental, chiropractic, etc. ).

Once the cause is identified and eliminated, the body can then go into more of a relaxed, healing state and the journey to wellness may begin... 

BUT how can you better adapt to chronic and everyday stress? Of course, diet and lifestyle are huge factors. However, sometimes no matter how much you diet, exercise, take supplements or medicines, or receive other therapies, you STILL experience symptoms.  

This is because the ROOT CAUSE  is much more fundamental, and the answer to chronic illness lies in the little powerhouses of our cells, called the Mitochondria. When the mitochondria become damaged over time, they lack the ability to function, resulting in an inability to repair and recover from everyday wear and tear.

HOWEVER, when the Mitochondria are nourished and supported, THE BODY HAS WHAT IT NEEDS TO HEAL ITSELF.