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The 5 R Gut Healing Program

The 5 R Program for Gut Health as described by The Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM)

  1. The first Ris Remove, so removing all the foods that people may be having a reaction to or intolerance or other sensitivity. So first R is Remove, then ReplaceReinoculateRepair, and Rebalance.
  2. And when you Replace, you’re replacing enzymes, maybe missing enzymes, hydrochloric acid, bile, digestive enzymes. So anybody who has a food reaction you have to think that they have an enzyme deficiency, that they’re not breaking down their proteins properly.
  3. And then Reinoculate: you’re rebuilding the gut flora.
  4. Repair: you’re using things like bone broth, collagen powder, L-glutamine, to repair the gut lining.
  5. And Rebalance is really all about lifestyle: meditation, having a balance between work and life and making sure that there’s time for adult play. People forget to play and the importance of reducing stress in healing the gut.