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Feel at home with us...


After spending many years in traditional medicine, we wanted to create a a space where you can feel safe and at ease. We have created a home-like environment where you can feel we can have a comfortable conversation about your health.  There are no receptionists, no waiting rooms, and no definitely no hassle. 

And you will certainly have a friend here who will listen. We understand that you may have been to many doctors, felt misunderstood, spoken down to, and even dismissed. You may have gotten 'the runaround'.

We want you to know that we care and we understand your frustration, especially when it comes to dealing with complex and chronic health challenges.

We will take the necessary time to understand your problem and to come up with solutions to treat the root cause, not just the symptoms.

To get to the root cause of your chronic health challenge, various stressors must be identified and reduced or eliminated. Identifying exactly what is stressing the body is not an easy task!  In order to find the root cause of illness, we use a combination of traditional medicine, integrative/functional medicine, and energy medicine techniques to assess for hundreds, if not thousands of potential functional disturbances in the body. Functional disturbances, which are often elusive to conventional medicine,  are problems that are typically not detected by standard blood work and diagnostics. Simply put, symptoms persist despite negative diagnostics. 


At the most basic level,  using advanced regulatory medicine techniques, we perform a comprehensive root-cause analysis. This is followed by Hormonal, Reproductive, and Multi-nutritional analysis. We integrate traditional and functional lab testing. Diet and lifestyle consulting usually involve a diet and exercise analysis...We look at gut health, blood type, stress level, and many other factors to come up with any needed changes to optimize weight, diet, and exercise.

At all times, getting to the root cause of your health issues is our primary focus!


Your first visit

The goal of the first visit is to get you established in our system, to get a better understanding of your health history, to perform an exam, to go over your health goals, and to gain a better understanding of some of the root causes of your particular health challenge. 

    • Take an extensive health history (review labs-traditional, functional, genetic, etc.)
    • Perform a thorough physical exam
    • Perform any necessary lab testing
    • Perform heart rate variability analysis (see below)
    • Perform a thorough dental exam
    • Review findings and come up with supportive nutritional and detox protocols,
    • Evaluate diet and come up with a diet plan
    • Develop an overall treatment plan

Treatment and Follow-up

Follow-up visits usually take about an hour, depending on what is needed. Treatment begins with various herbal and homeopathic remedies which are designed to bring your body back into balance over time. Supplements, as well as any necessary laboratory services, are additional costs and can vary from patient to patient.  Using various assessment techniques, often we are able to eliminate the need for a lot of lab testing. Some patients require holistic treatments for pain, PTSD/emotional issues, infections, and detox, which may involve extra costs. 

One of the most important evaluations we perform is an advanced 5-minute Heart Rate Variability (HRV) test. This non-invasive test not only determines what your stressors are but more importantly, your body's ability to ADAPT to these stressors. The next goal is to more precisely identify these stressors and remove them so that the body can enter into a 'rest and digest' state over time. 

For pain, we use something called frequency-specific microcurrent (FSM). For more info, see this video. While most (85%) report some form of pain reduction after the first session, you may need to receive multiple treatments to achieve sustained relief. Sometimes a portable PEMF (Pulsed Electronic Magnetic Frequency Device) is needed for sustained relief.

Getting ready for your first visit...

Please bring any previous lab work, imaging, doctors' notes, etc. with you on your first visit. If possible try to forward us that info if you get a chance before your visit. Also, please bring any supplements that you are taking so that we can evaluate them. If possible, try not to take any supplements at least 12 hours before your first visit (ok to take essential medicines). Be sure to drink plenty of water and try to eat before your visit. Also, please wear comfortable clothing and wear flat, comfortable fitting shoes.   

Can't come to the office?

We are now offering Telemedicine Consults. Although we might be limited by physical contact, a lot can be accomplished during these visits. We can go over your health history, order the necessary tests, write prescriptions, and come up with an individualized nutritional support protocol. For more information, please contact our office. 

We are located at 2545 Lawrenceville Hwy, Decatur GA 30033.  Just 20 minutes from the Atlanta airport, our office is conveniently located at Lawrenceville Highway and I-285. Decatur is a cozy town conveniently located just outside of Atlanta, where you can take advantage of local amenities like boutique shops, coffee houses, hotels, and restaurants. 

Contact info: Phone: (404) 877 2385 Fax: (833) 535 7165 Email: [email protected]