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  • Proposed Medical Treatments for COVID-19 revealed
  • Updates on Herbal Prevention
Since the Coronavirus outbreak, the race has been on to identify effective agents against Covid-19. An analysis of 1,500 therapeutic agents showed that an old anti-malarial drug,  Chloroquine Phosphate is a likely candidate. Then, another small study has shown Hydroxychlroquine (Plaquenil)structurally similar with less side effects, to also be effective against Coronavirus. Used for decades to treat tens of thousands of patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis as well as Malaria, it has been deemed safe by the FDA; however, in some very rare instances, fatal heart arrhythmia's could occur.  Conducted by a French research team, a study of 80 patients confirmed the effectiveness of Plaquenil. Meanwhile, a much larger study is now underway and is reporting successful treatment of about 700 patients and only one death. While more clinical trials are needed, the FDA has issued an Emergency Use Authorization for Plaquenil.  Ivermectin, another anti-parasitic, is showing early promise in treating COVID-19.  Azithromycin, a frequently prescribed antibiotic with antiviral properties, has also shown promise in treating Covid if used in combination with Plaquenil. News of early success of these drugs has led to hoarding, which has led to drug shortages. Luckily, the FDA has allowed compounding pharmacies to compound hydroxychloroquinalone.
Those who are at high risk for complications are those who or over age 60 or those who have a history of a weakened immune system, lung problems, heart problems, or diabetes. If they contract the more aggressive L-type of Covid-19, they may quickly progress to Acute Respiratory Distress (ARDS), necessitating the need for mechanical ventilation.
  • The research on the Plaquenil/Azithryomcyin seems promising, but the world is waiting on the results of the larger study. As of now, the benefits appear to  outweigh the risks. 
  • If you are in the high risk category, talk to your doctor about these medicines.
  • Due to limited drug access, a compounding pharmacy may be needed.

Herbal Updates:

Traditionally, medicine has little to offer in the fight against viruses. There is no cure for AIDS, the common cold, Herpes, and other viruses. Luckily, herbal remedies have shown great promise.

Covid-19 needs furins to activte itself in the body. By now, many of you are taking Andrographis and Vitamin C to block furin activity, which prevents the virus from gaining access to the body.

Dr. Klinghardt emphasizes the need to take these three foundational herbs every day for Covid protection:

*PLEASE NOTE: In about 5% of people, licorice has been shown to mildly increase blood pressure--but it may be very helpful if you get the more serious strain of this illness. So, it is recommended that you monitor your blood pressure while taking licorice if you have high blood pressure.

In another recent video, Dr. Klinghardt has found that Propolis extract enhances the production of antibodies that you create against  similar viruses. We have been using Propolis extract for years and been amazed by its anti-microbial effects. It's no wonder that it has been proven effective against coronavirus as well.

Additionally, CalendulaRosemaryArtemesin, and Dandelion have been shown to be immuno-support and/or effective against SARS-related viruses. If you are taking these herbals, Dr. Klinhdardt recommends taking them 3 weeks on and one week off to avoid die off reactions (these herbs will kill off any pre-existing lyme, viruses, parasites, etc). To manage this, you should combine these with binders to avoid Herxheimer or healing reactions.

Herbal Updates:

  • Take as a daily preventative: Andrographis, Cistus Incanus, and Licorice.
  • Consider adding Propolis tincture and/or throat spray.
  • Consider adding licorice extract to your daily regimen.
  • Consider adding Propolis, Calendula, Rosemary, Artemesin, and Dandelion as extra protection. Take them 3 weeks on, one week off and combine with binders.

Dr. Klinghardt presents his latest research and effective treatments for Coronavirus.


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