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Emotional Support

Many times, when dealing with chronic illness, emotional health can decline.  We find that approximately 20% of all chronic illness has some form of emotional cause or trigger. Often, emotional work is put off until the end of the healing journey; however, we found great benefit if it is sincerely engaged in the beginning. If you are struggling with any form of anxiety or depression, sadness, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Childhood traumas (see ACE*), etc. your healing may be delayed. Many who are dealing with chronic illness state they that their illness was triggered by an emotional trauma-e.g. divorce/break-up, death of loved one, etc. Or it is simply stress induced by simply having a chronic health challenge-the hopelessness, anxiety and/or depression that comes along with chronic illness, the stigma of being a 'hypochondriac' or  'hopeless case' by friends and family, et…. And then there is the financial stress of seeing doctor after doctor with no answers in sight. If any of these sounds like you, we are willing to bet you are trying your hardest to stay centered, connected, and are perhaps even seeking out counseling, or engaging in some form of meditation/prayer, or spiritual guidance. Many of you are simply just trying to make it through the day and is certainly understandable. **To calculate your Adverse Childhood Events (ACE) Score, go to

The Five Levels of Healing

Dr. Klinghardt put forth a model healing model of healing called 'The Five Levels of Healing, where healing takes place on approximately 5 levels: on the physical level, the energetic level, the psycho-emotional level, the intuitive level, and the spiritual level. In our experience, it is those patients who sincerely engage all these levels that experience true, lasting healing.

A Daily Practice

To make some of this more practical, the following has  helped many of our patients along their journey:

    • Practice daily forgiveness-Holding on to past hurts, things people have said or done to you can create many blockages for healing. For true healing to occur, one must start to let go of those past hurts.  "I forgive and I ask for forgiveness". Click here for a more detailed daily practice.
    • Develop a daily meditation practice. There are many local resources for this. Please contact our office for more info. 
    • Try to find the deep, hidden meaning to your journey. For whatever reason, this difficult challenge has been placed in front of you. 'Why me?' is a common emotion. But realize that many are currently on a similar journey and have incredibly inspiring stories to tell. They have overcome horrendous suffering. In fact, many of the great doctors who had or who are currently still battling chronic illness have found a way to overcome their challenges. In fact, Dr. Klinghardt had battled Lyme disease for years but found a profound way to overcome it, and now teaches around the world…
    • To have the courage to do the above, engaging in a meditate contemplative practice is key. Just 5 minutes of simple breathing meditation can have profound health benefits.
    • Surround yourself with those who love and nurture you.
    • Daily journaling for at least 20 min per day can be a great way to unlock the subconscious and to bring out healing.  
    • Try to get in Nature as much as possible. Even if that means putting your feet in the grass just for 15 minutes…This is called 'Grounding'. It has a very g effect and has real science behind it. If you don't have time for this consider purchasing a grounding mat…For more information, go to
    • Get some sunshine...Getting proper sunlight exposure can be beneficial in so many ways, from stimulating the immune system, to giving a much-needed boost in Serotonin and other important neurotransmitters like Dopamine. Maintaining a vitamin D level is critical to achieving a healthy immune system. Shoot for an optimal range of 60-100 ng/ml. Try to get at least 15 min of sunshine per day.
    • One of the most highly effective strategies you can do at home is the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). This technique involves tapping through certain meridians on your body while reciting certain affirmations. For more info, see .


For those who want to go deeper:

Emotion Code

Sometimes it is too stressful for the conscious mind to deal with difficult emotions; and therefore, painful emotions may be buried deep, hidden from our view. These are called 'trapped emotions' and may represent a constant stressor, leading to being stuck in chronic fight or flight, or sympathetic dominance.  Releasing trapped emotions using 'The Emotion Code*' can be very beneficial to opening some of the doors which have been closed. Our goal is to do this in each session and eventually teach you to identify and release these emotions on your own. *For more information, please see 'The Emotion Code' book online. Please contact our office for more info. 

Applied PsychoNeurobiology (APN)

This therapy, developed by Dr. Klinghardt, can unlock the deep, hidden emotions from the past that can manifest on the physical plane. This therapy may combine tapping, color therapy, and other modalities. We have seen profound improvements with our patients with this therapy. Please contact our office for more info. 

Color Therapy

This is a therapy that uses color to bring about healing on a subconscious level. Please contact our office for more info. 

Family Constellation Therapy

Believe it or not, we are influenced by the stress of our ancestors. These 'Generational Stressors' are actually proven stressors and are noted in the literature. Doing this work can assess for and release blocked emotions and 'the flow of love' from previous generations. Breakthroughs in healing can take place. We will look at your family constellation and look at any blockages or interferences.. Please contact our office for more info.  

Pranic Psychotherapy

PRANIC PSYCHOTHERAPY® is the application of PRANIC HEALING® techniques to healing and alleviating emotional and mental imbalances. Negative emotions and traumatic experiences are essentially negative thought forms and emotional energies lodged in the aura and in the critical energy centers. These energies are often difficult to release, requiring months or even years of traditional psychotherapy to experience any improvement. But PRANIC PSYCHOTHERAPY® offers you the ability to quickly and safely release these crippling energetic patterns. Please contact our office for more info. 

DNRS- or Dynamic Neural Retraining System, founded by Annie Hopper

A major factor in chronic disease is LIMBIC SYSTEM OVER-ACTIVATION and is a major cause of chronic flight or fight/sympathetic overdrive. In this state, the body cannot heal. Anxieties tending worsen, etc. The LIMBIC system is the brain's flight or fight mechanism. It serves us well long ago, but it a constant state of activation, it can be detrimental to our health. This is often the case with most chronic disease patients I see. DNRS- or Dynamic Neural Retraining System, founded by Annie Hopper, is a system of training the brain not to overreact to stimuli. In this way, conditions such as Anxiety, Depression, Pain, multiple chemical sensitivities, Lyme Disease, etc. can be pacified if not overcome. It comes with quite a commitment. About an hour of the day of training the brain to not overreact.  For more information, goto DNRS (Dynamic Neural Retraining System)

We also work with a network of Hypnotherapists, psychologists, and other counselors, EMDR specialists, and others who can become part of your healing team. Please contact our office for more info.