These are no doubt stressful times. Here are some things that we have found helpful to manage stress:

  • Practice daily gratitude- This goes a long, long way in helping many to simply survive. For more info, see
    Practice daily forgiveness-Holding on to past hurts, things people have said or done to you can create many blockages for healing. For true healing to occur, one must start to let go of those past hurts. "I forgive and I ask for forgiveness". Click here for a more detailed daily practice.
  • Develop a daily meditation practice. There are many local resources for this. Please contact our office for more info.
    Try to find the deep, hidden meaning to your journey. For whatever reason, this difficult challenge has been placed in front of you. ‘Why me?’ is a common emotion. But realize that many are currently on a similar journey and have incredibly inspiring stories to tell. They have overcome horrendous suffering. To have the courage to do the above, engaging in a meditate contemplative practice is key. Just 5 minutes of simple breathing meditation can have profound health benefits.
    Surround yourself with those who love and nurture you.
  • Daily journaling for at least 20 min per day can be a great way to unlock the subconscious and to bring out healing.
  • Try to get in Nature as much as possible. Even if that means putting your feet in the grass just for 15 minutes…This is called ‘Grounding’. It has a very g effect and has real science behind it. If you don’t have time for this consider purchasing a grounding mat…For more information, go to
  • Get some sunshine...Getting proper sunlight exposure can be beneficial in so many ways, from stimulating the immune system, to giving a much-needed boost in Serotonin and other important neurotransmitters like Dopamine. Maintaining a vitamin D level is critical to achieving a healthy immune system. Shoot for an optimal range of 60-100 ng/ml. Try to get at least 15 min of sunshine per day.
  • One of the most highly effective strategies you can do at home is the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). This technique involves tapping through certain meridians on your body while reciting certain affirmations. For more info, see
  • There are also great apps for stress. We like the HeadSpace app as well as Insight Timer. They have free trial versions.

If you are dealing with stress, or are experiening anxiety or even depression, please reach out and talk to someone. We are here to help! Please contact our office for more information.

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