Our bodies represnt a vast interconnected network of cells, nerves, and tissues. Cells operate on both electrical and biochemical activity. Think of a nerve cell. It has potentially hundreds if not thousands of connections to other cells.  Within milliseconds they can respond to stressors and communicate to other a vast network of  other surrounding cells. In this way, the the body can be thought of as an electrical system. Of course, you cannot 'see' electricity like you can see skin, bone, hair etc.

There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of channels that run through the body called Meridian's. Used for 5,000 years, the meridian system is the system that is accessed with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and can be thought of as a representation of the nervous system.


There are twenty-one (21), basic MSA Meridians (classical TCM has 14 points), each corresponding to the major organs and glands of the body.  Along each of these Meridians, there are found to be many Acupuncture “Points”.  Each acupuncture point will correspond to either a specific gland or various tissues connected with a certain organ.  All totalled, there are hundreds of different points located along the basic twenty-one Meridians.  This Energetic System is an intricate map that is consistently identical in every man and woman.

A representation of the main meridians called 'The Triple Burner Meridian', well known to TCM. This meridian is responsible for the movement and transformation of various solids and fluids throughout the system, as well as for the production and circulation of nourishing and protective energy. It is a functional energy system, involved in regulating the activities of other organs, composed of three parts, known as 'burners', located in thorax, abdomen, and pelvis.:

First developed by Dr. Reinhardt Voll MD, in the 1940s, Electrical Accupunture (EAV) or Meridian Stress Assessment (MSA)  is a non-invasive biofeedback method for assessing stressed or weakened organs and tissues. Similar to how each human fingerprint is unique, every substance known to man has an oscillation or a vibrational signature.  Bacteria, parasties, viruses, heavy metals etc.. have an energetic fingerprint that can be detected and measured. 

Using a computerized ohmmeter to measure skin resistance at different acupuncture points on the body,  a proble like device can be used to check for stress organs or tissues.  This method allowed one organ or subtance to be measured at a time, but the technology has evolved dramaticallly over the years to include very acurate and thorough assessments in a very short period of time.

Using a scale of 1-100, if an organ or substance is weak, it will register a value of under 45 or under. The color is yellow and usually represents a chronic issue.  If an organ is stressed, it will register a value of over 55, and will register a red color.  This means the problem is general more acute. If it is not weakend or stressed, there is no 'reasonance' and the value would register 'normal' between 45 and 55. The result is green.

The device we use in our clinic is called Qest4. With over 40 years of research and development and used in clinical settings for over 20 years, Qest4 is revolutionary bioresonance device that contains a library of over over 40,000 homeopathic, nutritional, herbal, and other remedies. With this capability it is possible to check compatibility for potentially hundreds if not thousands of different herbs and supplements. Imagine going into a health food store and being handed the supplements or nutrients that most agreed with you! It is also possible to see what substances such as bacteria, viruses, toxins, foods, or other substances could be potential stressors for the body and what can be done to balance those stressors.

Overall Meridian Stress Analysis is a next generation way to assess the complexity of the body.   Homeopathic remedies can be created to create more balance in the body over time. Many of our patients have benefited from homeopathic's created from the system, especially those who could not tolerate herbals or other homeopathic's. It also is very cost-effective in the sense that homeopathic remedies can be individualized for each person. For example imagine having to purchase 30 to 50 supplements versus simply taking a homeopathic that contains those remedies. 

While this technology has brought a great deal of benefit to many of our patients,  we prefer to use Autonomic Response Technique (ART), an advanced,  hands on muscle testing technique, as our primary assessment and diagnostic tool.  In this way, we can determine deep rooted issues and how to resolve them.  However, we have found that when combine ART with Qest4 assessments, we can efficiently get to more comprehensive layers of dysfunction. In this way, we are combining the best hand on assessments with the latest bio-reasonance technology.  Click here for more info on Autonomic Response Technique. 

Please note that the Qest4 system is not intended for medical diagnosis and treatment and is only FDA approved for biofeedback purposes. As such, we only use the system as an adjunctive asessment tool along with a thorough medical history and exam, blood work, functional laboratory testing, and ART neural feedback to get a complete picture of the patient. This, combined with imaging and other medical assessments provides a more thorough understanding of the very complex nature of a person's illness. The art of healing is combining all of these things and prioritizing treatments to achieve the most optimal patient outcomes.

For more information, please contact Martin Van Lear, FNP-C at martin@treeoflighthealth.com.

For more info on Qest4, see https://www.qest4.eu/. 


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