A New Year’s Message from Dr. Klinghardt

Dear friends, colleagues, co-workers and students!

Here is our message and greetings to you for the new year 2019:

As we have just passed the longest and darkest night of the year, we want to remind you that at the end of the day and the dawn of the new year “it” is really and ultimately all about light. Just light! Plants convert light and CO2 to every nutrient that we depend on. As we eat the plant – or the animal that has eaten the plant - the nutrient releases its stored light in our system, especially in the mitochondria, to create energy. This is not our idea – it is the essence of what modern biophysics is teaching. Compared to biochemistry the physics of light and biophotons is the deeper science. Only biophysics explains the real forces behind the metabolism of carnitine and B-vitamins - and the workings of the electron-transport chain.

This is the deeper reason why we are using light technology-based tools in ART: signal enhancers, the linear polarization filter, the photonwave instrument, light-imprinted photographic slides of microbial cultures and more. We also use techniques that analyze the light-releasing properties of any nutrient and techniques. Our ART technique has been shown to predict if a particular substance is able to deliver its energy to the exact body-compartment where it is needed. This has led to the beginnings of a new medicine which we simply refer to as Applied Neurobiology or ANK. The K is short for Klinghardt Institute. ANK opens our eyes to a reality that is closer to the truth than the insights we gained so far from the exclusive use of biochemistry and conventional osteopathy.

The ANK techniques have allowed us a glimpse into a world normally hidden from us. We can suddenly see and understand the real cost of irradiating our system with microwave and other sources of EMR, the damage caused by our current agricultural methods and the fate created by unresolved conflicts in the history of our own family.

The good news is simple, true and effective: once we understand the adverse forces affecting us and our health, we can protect ourselves and our clients from the illness-producing consequences. Truth is what works. In all of our recommended treatment protocols we include

  1. the wise use of biophysics (ionic foot bath, photon wave, mirror technique, homeopathy, etc.)
  2. the selective application of the current knowledge in biochemistry, genetics and epigenetics This includes the use of anti-microbial herbs and detoxifying nutrients.
  3. The family constellation work to bring light to unresolved issues and helping to mitigate them

Ancient yoga understood most of this: by detoxing the body, fasting from time to time to break down blocking cellular debris and by stretching the light-conductive fascia through yogic exercises, the entire body becomes a light-absorbing and light-emitting instrument. The more light we absorb, the more light and energy we have. We can use it for the good of all that lives. And let us all do just that!

We are wishing you a wonderful healthy and joyful 2019!


Daniela and Dietrich

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