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Activated hydrogen and Browns gas-a novel approach to chronic inflammation

Activated hydrogen and Browns gas-a novel approach to chronic inflammation

Molecular hydrogen has the unique ability to support mitochondria, brain health, gut health, and much more...

But first, some activated hydrogen water basics:

  • If you are drinking plain filtered water, you may be robbing yourself of precious electrons–which decreases your ability to offset inflammation and everything that goes along with it, including your energy and vitality. Not good! To figure out if this is happening, you need to understand where your water is from an antioxidant perspective. To do this, you can always bring me your water to test, but another way is to purchase an ORP meter and check it for yourself (the cost is about $26). What you want is a negative ORP, which means that you are receiving the precious electrons that function to reduce inflammation and provide the pure cellular fuel for all vital functions of the body. 
  • The best and quickest way to reduce the ORP of your water is by using a portable molecular hydrogen water generator (search for 'echogo'), which transforms filtered water into pure fuel for all of your trillions of cells. In just 10 minutes, you can generate 8 oz of mitochondrial might! 
  • As you age, the body's inflammatory response goes into overdrive...and it continues to worsen, especially if you are already dealing with a chronic condition. Inflammation and oxidative stress are the root cause of all chronic diseases (see my webinar below).  So, why not do something about it by drinking activated hydrogen water?
  • Also to note, when you come to the clinic and get treatments, what we trying to do is reduce the stress from various toxins and infections that you may be dealing with. But what happens when you go out into the real world? You are often re-exposed to these things! To reduce their ongoing impact as well as the inflammation the wreaks havoc on your systems, drinking activated hydrogen water can help...
  • By doing so,  you will able to stay in a 'steady state', where the benefits of our treatments last longer.

I've tried multiple hydrogen water systems of all cost ranges and committed hundreds of hours in research on the topic. The system I stand behind for everyday use is the EchoGo Water System for its ease of use, concentration of hydrogenation and super price point. It's a great way to have great-tasting hydrogen water that you can make in real-time throughout the day to get all the benefits of active hydrogen:

⦁    Reduction of toxic free radicals 
⦁    Reduction of oxidative stress and inflammation  
⦁    Regulation will of over 200 biomolecules in the body
⦁    Increase in cognitive function
⦁    Aids in gut health
⦁    Proven to help with many chronic diseases

For more info on the benefits of drinking hydrogen water, check out our article here.

If you are dealing with a chronic condition, you are likely dealing with chronic inflammation. Breathing an advanced form of molecular hydrogen called Browns Gas is an eloquent way to get to the root cause and stop the vicious cycle of inflammation. Or, if you are looking to learn more about how this approach can support advanced anti-aging and boost bodily performance, you can check out my webinar below: