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Activated Hydrogen-Potential Benefits and Applications

Activated Hydrogen-Potential Benefits and Applications

Hydrogen is #1 on the periodic table because it is the smallest element on Earth - but do not mistake its size for its ability. Hydrogen is three times more energy-dense than gasoline. It powers the sun, powers cars, and powers our bodies.

When two molecules of hydrogen are joined together it is referred to as H2 and exists as a gas in nature. Its small size and gaseous form allow for easy diffusion into the brain, gut, lungs, membranes, joints, eyes, ears, etc. where it produces widespread, safe scientifically-backed positive results. In fact, hydrogen gas has been shown to have a therapeutic effect on over 150 human diseases.

In the Echo® Hydrogen Enriched Water System™, H2 gas is dissolved in the water. The water is the delivery vehicle for the H2 gas which makes it safe, easy to use, and economical. Hydrogen gas is so powerful that the Japanese government has now approved H2 administration as an official medical procedure.

One of the ways H2 exerts its positive effects is that it is a selective antioxidant in that it only decreases the amounts of toxic ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species) in our body. Some ROS have important functions in the body, like nitric oxide but the Hydroxyl Radical (HO*) ROS only damages our cells and spurs aging & disease. When H2 combines with 2 destructive HO* molecules, 2 water molecules
are formed, which are harmless to our system.

When functioning properly, our bodies naturally create hydrogen gas in the gut through normal fermentation and digestion of food. Unfortunately, many people have issues such as leaky gut, infections, and a poor diet that prevent their gut from working correctly. The gut is the foundation of health and if it is compromised beneficial hydrogen gas will not be produced. This can lead to severe metabolic consequences such as free radical damage and increased bodily inflammation.

The root cause of all diseases involves inflammation. We can drastically decrease that inflammation with Echo® Hydrogen Enriched Water.

Some Benefits of Molecular Hydrogen:

Reduction of toxic free radicals
• Reduction of oxidative stress and Inflammation
• Regulation will of over 200 biomolecules in the body
• Stimulates gastric ghrelin to increase cognitive function
• Stimulation of anaerobic microflora in the intestinal tract
• Shown to help with many diseases such as Diabetes & Rheumatoid Arthritis

The widespread benefits of molecular hydrogen are irrefutable. Peer-reviewed articles and studies have shown molecular hydrogen to reduce oxidative stress and inflammation. Studies have been conducted on 170+ human diseases and conditions including Cancer, Diabetes, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Autoimmune disease, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Autism, Bipolar, Schizophrenia & IGT. In addition to helping with existing conditions, molecular hydrogen can support the body to avoid susceptibility to diseases and conditions. It is truly one of the best health-promoting, anti-aging tools you can use.

I. Water Electrolysis: A Hydrogen Generator: How it works.

In 1800, Dr. Anthony Carlisle, a surgeon in London, discovered the process of water electrolysis when he intended to make a hydrogen generator. He had learned that hydrogen had antioxidant properties. Traditional electrolysis devices convert
water (H2O) to hydrogen gas (H2) and hydroxide ions (OH-) at the negative side (cathode), and oxygen gas (O2) and hydrogen ions (H+) at the positive side (anode).

Most water electrolysis machines have standard membranes that separate the alkaline OH- ions from the acidic H+ ions if you are separating the water streams. Moreover, a new method of electrolysis was designed to only produce H2 without changing the pH of the source water. In this method, the water is not separated into alkaline and acid streams, which is much more environmentally friendly. Proton Exchange Membranes (PEM) are used instead of standard membranes. The advantage of the PEM is that it creates its own conductivity in water and can produce H2 gas even in pure water with no minerals as in reverse osmosis or distilled water. The pH change comes if you separate the water streams. It is the H2 gas that can be dissolved in the water that provides the therapeutic benefits, not the alkalinity alone.

Typically, electrolysis systems that separate the water streams into alkaline and acid water are not able to dissolve H2 gas in the water for longer than a few weeks. This is because the positively charged minerals have a natural affinity for the negatively charged cathode. If minerals build up on the cathode, which they frequently do, H2 gas will not be dissolved in the water because the hydrogen bubbles will be too large to be dissolved. The H2 gas will go into the atmosphere and the benefits go with it. In the Echo® 9 Ultra H2 system, the patented technology changes the polarity of the electrodes every time the machine is used. This makes it impossible for minerals to build up. This is the only system that guarantees that H2 gas will always be dissolved in the water. With other electrolysis systems, minerals will build up within 2-3 weeks of use and the benefits will be gone. Other companies tell consumers that they have automatic reverse cleaning systems in their machines to be confusing. They say that their systems change the polarity of the electrodes to further confuse the issue but they don’t do it every time the machine is used. They only change the polarity every 10L or 20L of water and by then the minerals are already bonded and the damage is done. With these inferior systems, the only way to keep the minerals off the cathode is to clean the system every 2 weeks with citric acid or commercial vinegar. Of course, you don’t have to worry about this with any of the Echo® branded systems because it is impossible for the minerals to bond to the cathode in the first place ensuring you are getting the hydrogen-enriched water.

II. Benefits of Echo® Hydrogen Enriched Water™

Most free radicals are damaging to our cells but some such as nitric oxide are critical in proper cell signaling and other metabolic processes that maintain health.

It is only the cell-damaging oxygen radicals (Hydroxyl Radicals) that we need to scavenge. H2 selectively converts these cell-damaging radicals into harmless water molecules. Taking large quantities of supplemental antioxidants that scavenge all forms of free radicals can be detrimental to health, as some are necessary to fight cancer and infection in our bodies.

Stimulation of Natural Antioxidant Production: The Nrf-2 Pathway

Molecular Hydrogen (H2) is able to activate what is known as the “Anti-Aging” or “Anti-Oxidant” pathway. As it is known scientifically, the “Nrf-2 pathway” causes the production of the body’s own antioxidants such as glutathione, catalase, superoxide
dismutase (SOD), and several other cytoprotective enzymes and proteins. It is an extremely critical pathway for health and is involved in an enormity of diseases, such as cancer and neurodegenerative diseases. Many supplements on the market tout to activate the Nrf-2 pathway but can be extremely expensive and can have
downstream negative effects. Echo® Hydrogen Enriched Water has no side effects.

Detoxification and Weight Loss:

Echo® water supports healthy cleansing and weight loss. Our fat cells protect us by storing substances such as heavy metals that would otherwise harm us. When the toxins and wastes are flushed, the burden on the body is lessened and the fat will no longer be needed. Thus safe, natural weight loss will ensue. The feeling of hydration is a natural appetite-suppressant, therefore drinking Echo® water can increase weight loss program success, increase restorative sleep, increase energy, and decrease allergy symptoms. The University of Utah found that the ability to burn calories (metabolism) can decline by about 2% per day when people are dehydrated and increased by being properly hydrated. Water can also help to clean out the intestines and colon.

Men’s Heath:

Erection is dependent upon proper levels of nitric oxide (NO). NO is our body’s vasodilator (i.e. vessel dilator) signaling molecule that allows increased blood to flow to areas of our body. Medications such as Viagra decrease the normal elimination of naturally produced NO and can help to sustain erections. Hydrogen water can actually increase what is referred to as endothelial nitric oxide synthase (ENOS). ENOS is an enzyme in our body that increases the production of nitric oxide. It has no side effects, as do medications, and also is known to decrease the amount of inducible nitric oxide - the enzyme that produces INOS which is harmful to our body in excess amounts.

Athletic Performance:

Echo® Hydrogen Enriched Water™ has been scientifically proven to help athletes increase performance. A recent double-blinded placebo control crossover control study in soccer players found that drinking hydrogen-rich water was effective at preventing early fatigue, decreasing lactate production as well as improving their overall performance. Importantly it did not decrease the markers of oxidation to blunt the therapeutic effects of exercise. When a person, especially an athlete is properly hydrated with Echo® hydrogen-enriched water, they perform at peak levels for longer periods of time.

Immune Boost:

The effectiveness of the immune system and the digestive system are directly linked to the level of hydration. Being properly hydrated is one of the best ways to boost your immune system and prevent disease. Your body is composed of 60-75% water. The type of water you drink is of critical importance and can directly influence the way you feel & how your body functions. Echo® Hydrogen Enriched Water™ can stimulate anaerobic microflora to naturally restore gut health. The health of your gut is directly related to the strength of your immune system and susceptibility to disease and sickness.

Intrinsic Energy and Frequencies:

Many people understand that energy and frequencies surround us in our environment - electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs), radio frequencies, cell phone frequencies, Infrared energies, etc. There are beneficial energies that promote health and negative energies and frequencies, like EMF that can harm the body. The Echo® Water System has hundreds of positive, health-promoting energies and frequencies. They deliver their benefits by providing protection from harmful frequencies and by balancing chakras to aid in natural, innate healing. This protection and energetic boost are sometimes palpable, especially to those who are sensitive to energy fields. Countless professionals in Energy Medicine - Cranial Sacral Therapists, Reiki Masters, acupuncturists, etc. personally own, enjoy, and recommend Echo® water because of these beneficial energies and frequencies.

Increased Cognitive Function - Ghrelin: Help with Neurological Conditions

Studies show that H2 gas stimulates Ghrelin secretions. Ghrelin positively affects many things in the body including cognitive function, hunger, weight regulation, and anti-inflammatory function. This is accomplished by stimulation of the hippocampus,
hypothalamus, and brain stem. Specific studies have shown that water with H2 gas can be helpful with neurologic issues like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Bipolar Disease, Schizophrenia, and Autism.

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For more studies, see this link.


There are hundreds of studies showing molecular hydrogen to have therapeutic benefits. Please visit
research.html or to read additional clinical studies which are continually being added. The studies
below are shared for educational purposes only. They are not shared to indicate any expected outcome for anyone with a similar
or same disease or pathology. The results achieved in the studies should not be taken as an indicator of the results you will
experience. The study shows potential outcomes. There are no protocols, drugs, natural methods, or techniques that are 100%
effective. Every individual is different and diseases are complex.