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Interfernece Fields

Interfernece Fields


What is an interference field?

Dr. Ferdinand Hueneke and Dr. Walter Hueneke created the term “interference field”, meaning pathologically damaged tissue which becomes electro-chemically abnormal.  When an injury/trauma occurs, that area can become an interference field, if the body is nutritionally deficient, or the body’s immune system is compromised.  An interference field is, therefore, an area of the body that has become weakened (depolarized) due to some form of stress or trauma.  The damaged cells are susceptible to the accumulation of both environmental and metabolic toxins.  These toxins can act to block the normal energy flow of the nerve and meridian network of the body.  In addition to the build-up of waste products, and blocked energy flow, these traumatized areas also have a reduced flow of nutrients.  Thus, interference fields can cause an area of stagnation where waste products, heavy metals, free radicals, infection, etc. can accumulate, preventing healing and short-circuiting the body’s energy flow. You can think of these areas of short as short circuits, which are constantly alarming. Similar to how it is difficult to hear someone in a crowded room, these circuit disruptions create a background 'noise' that confuses nearby cells and keeps the autonomic nervous system in a dysregulated state.

Common Stressors/Trauma that can Create Interference Fields

  • LYMPH NODES: Tonsilar, Cervical Ganglia, Inguinal, Inguinal, etc. 
  • SINUS CAVITIES: Frontal, Maxillary sinuses can harbor chronic infectious bacteria, viruses, and retroviruses, 
  • Neck Veins: Can harbor chronic infectious agents: Bacteria, Viruses, Retroviruses, and Biofilms
  • SCARS: surgical, internal, traumatic, puncture areas (epidural, spinal tap, vaccination, acupuncture, etc.) acne/chickenpox/insect bites etc.
  • TRAUMATIZED AREAS: whiplash, sprains/strains, smashing injuries, concussions, burns, skin grafts, numb areas, bruises
  • VARIOUS ORGANS: such as different parts of the brain: Midbrain, Pons, Medulla,  Liver, and various other organs and tissues
  • ABNORMAL BODY AREAS:  any area that does not heal in a reasonable amount of time or has abnormal sensations i.e. chronic itching, burning, tingling, cold.
  • METAL INSIDE THE BODY: pins, plates, staples, mesh, dental restorations, and fillings
  • INJECTION SITES: Dental, neural therapy, IV drips, drugs, and vitamins
  • DENTAL AND GUM AREAS:  hidden decay/infection under dental restorations, toxins exuding from root canals*, cavitation’s in tooth extraction sites.

*Root Canals: Among the frequent interference fields, there are root-treated teeth. They often are chronic foci of inflammation, which can lead to problems directly in the mouth, but also in other parts of the body.

A number of chronic diseases, as for example diabetes, allergies, inflammatory intestinal diseases, Crohn’s disease, rheumatologic diseases and autoimmune diseases, Hashimoto's, Multiple Sclerosis, ALS but also psychological problems can massively be intensified through harmful interference fields in the mouth – due to their negative immunomodulation to the whole organism.

Chronic inflammations in the jawbone are often the result of not well-healed extraction wounds. The bone is exposed to a fatty-degenerative change and poisonous substances and harmful inflammatory substances are formed (cytokines). These can be the cause of chronic fatigue, skin, and intestinal problems, or joint pains.

Why are unresolved interference fields a problem?

Chronic interference fields not only block energy and nutrient flow directly at the site of trauma but over time, may also reflex to distant body sites to create unintended sedation of energy flow to key organs and glands (“Splatter effect”).  Interference fields can “short” circuit the body’s wiring system causing meridian stagnation that may manifest as pain, fatigue, physiological problems, and much more.  These hidden reflex sites caused by the interference field are frequently the real root cause of a person’s chief complaint. Removal of these IFs and restoration to the biofield/meridian flow is essential in order to achieve ultimate physical and mental well-being.

How are interference fields identified and cleared?

Interference fields can be identified using advanced biofeedback techniques such as Autonomic Response Technique (ART), which allows for the identification of areas in the body’s biofield that have reduced or blocked energy flow.

Interference fields short circuit the body’s energy flow.  It is important to clear the “short “ in the circuit to re-establish energy flow and allow for proper infusion of nutrients, and removal of waste products.   Once energy flow to the affected area and its circuit are restored, waste products can be cleared from the area and nutrients can get in to nourish tissues.

Dr. Klinghardt, Ph.D. MD teaches Neural Therapy, which resolves various interference fields using a series of procaine injections over disturbed tissue areas.  While this technique is very effective, these injections can be somewhat time consulting and also involve some discomfort. To avoid these issues, we use a special laser that uses scalar energy waves to reset the tissues energetically, without the use of injections or needles. This type of energetic acupuncture can reset disrupted tissues back to their original state, sometimes in a matter of seconds.

We have found that treating interference fields in this way can help to unblock various tissues and organs that keep patients in a state of chronic inflammation and immune dysregulation. Therefore, from our experience,  it is a critical process to healing from chronic conditions and getting 'unstuck'. For more information, or to set up an evaluation to see if your chronic condition is being impacted by interference fields, please contact us for further information.